Is your Hotel Self Insured? Even if it is not, what does it cost you if a bathroom floods on a high floor?


• LeakSmart System is A La Carte – Do you just want to know where there is a leak and or have the water automatically shut off in 5 seconds or less. Alert up to as many phones as you would like.

• LeakSmart Hub – Picks up information for Leak Sensor – Transmits to Smart phone and or shuts water off at the valve. It can be by Floor depending on how each floor is plumbed.

• Leak Sensor – Detects water on floor and can be used anywhere there is a potential leak or flood. Uses 3 AAA batteries.

• iPhone or Android Smart phone – Software App – Can tell you which room or where there is a water break/leak or overflowing toilet.

• LeakSmart – Auto Shut Off Inline Valve or LeakSmart Snap on shut off valve for existing valves (Uses 18 year Lithium batteries).

G Hospitality Supply offers onsite training and installation across the country! Get you free quote today by emailing us at: LeakSmart pays for itself on the first disaster! If it fails, they will pay you up to 1 million dollars for repairs!